Octopus Senses

Octopus Senses

Octopus and their Senses

The Octopus has a very unique body and use of its senses. This all part of what helps them to survive in their environment. The first sense to mention is their vision. They are able to see very well both during the day and at night. They don’t have trouble in the dark waters that are found deep on the ocean’s floor.

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Polarized Vision and Pigmentation

They have what is called polarized vision which means that different amounts of light coming in. Many experts believe that they have the ability to actually control the amount of light that comes into them and this is why they can see so well. It is hard to test out that theory though due to finding ways of measuring the lighting that they can see from the inside outward.

Researchers believe that it is their eyesight that actually allows them to have control over their pigmentation. What they see is what helps them to determine what they will blend into. The vision of potential predators will also trigger for them the need to transform themselves to remain undetected.

The arms of the Octopus have suction cups on them that are very tiny. In them are highly sensitive feelers that allow them to touch their environment and to feel sensations from it. The sense of touch they develop from these feelers is amazing. They will feel all around in order to get a good overview of the area they are in. They want to make sure where they settle and where they look for food is safe for them.

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Is The Octopus Picky?

They are able to taste with their suckers as well. This is why they are very picky when it comes to the food sources that they will consume. They have been observed passing up various types of food due to the fact that they remember the taste wasn’t appealing to them. Even when they are very hungry they would often prefer not to eat than to eat something that they won’t like the taste of.

Octopus are able to smell as well due to sensors at the ends of their arms. This is why they are often seen sticking one arm into crevices. They are being able to smell what could be lurking in that area by doing so. The fact that they are very curious animals is also part of the reason why they rely upon their sense of smell so much.

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Three hearts, a massive brain, and blue blood, they navigate unlike anything else. The earliest octopus fossil is Pohlsepia, which swam the oceans 296 million years ago.

They are able to smell predators from quite a distance and that gives them the chance to move to safer locations. The abilities of this particular sense though do vary based upon the specific species. Some of them are able to smell much better than others. Since their arms are such a valuable part of their senses, they try to do all they can to protect them. At times though they have to give up one in order to break free from a predator. They do have the ability to grow it back though.

A sense that the Octopus doesn’t rely on is hearing. They don’t have any ability to hear at all which is why they also don’t use vocalization. They have no external body parts or internal mechanisms for hearing. Even though they are deaf they still are able to function very well. They more than make it up with all of the other senses that they have.

The use of senses is very important to the overall survival of the Octopus. The fact that they are also very intelligent allows them to gain even more from their senses. For example, they remember what foods taste good and those that don’t. When they are faced with the smell of certain foods they can already tell if it is something they want to pursue or avoid.

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