Types of Octopuses

Types of Octopuses

Octopus Species Index

Octopus and Coral Reef

  • Octopus Species – Read The Article 

  • There are more than 300 different species of Octopus that have been identified but there may be many more we haven’t evaluated yet. Through observation and research, it is known that they are all very intelligent creatures.
  • Atlantic Pygmy Octopus – Read The Article 

    The Atlantic Pygmy Octopus is very small, only about 5 ½ inches in length overall. Over 3 inches of that is the arms so the mantle part of the body isn’t very much to work with at all.

  •  Blue Ringed Octopus – Read The Article


    The blue-ringed octopus can kill twenty-six people in a matter of minutes it has a trademark feature about it. They have rings of blue that are around their bodies.

  • California Two-Spot Octopus – Read The Article

    California Two Spot Octopus in a tank

    The California Two-Spot Octopus offers a very distinct appearance. It is also known by the name Bimac Octopus.

  • Caribbean Reef Octopus – Read The Article

    The Caribbean Reef Octopus is one that has a fascinating look to it. The combination of blue and green color is something that gets people’s attention.

  • Common Octopus – Read The Article

    Common Octopus, Bonaire

    There can be quite a difference in the sizes of the Common Octopus. Some of them are only about 12 inches long while others are three times that at 36 inches in length.

  • East Pacific Red Octopus – Read The Article

    There is a good chance you have heard of the East Pacific Red Octopus. They are small in size and have a body that is about three times smaller than the length of their eight arms.

  • Mimic Octopus – Read The Article

    They aren’t very large Octopus with an overall length of two feet when they are fully grown. They have a normal coloring that spans many spans of brown and white.

  • North Pacific Giant Octopus – Read The Article

    The winner of being the largest of all Octopus species in the world is the North Pacific Giant. This one can be close to 150 pounds when it is fully mature and be as long as 15 feet.

  • Seven-Arm Octopus – Read The Article

    What makes the Seven-Arm Octopus stand out from the other 300 species is that it has one less arm than they all do. Well, that is how it appears anyway.

Octopus index.

Octopus zonatus Voss, 1968– Atlantic banded octopus.

Octopus yendoi (Sasaki, 1920) (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus wolfi (Wülker, 1913)– star-sucker pygmy octopus.

Octopus warringa Stranks, 1990– club pygmy octopus.

Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797– common octopus.

Octopus vitiensis Hoyle, 1885– bighead octopus.

Octopus verrucosus Hoyle, 1885.

Octopus veligero Berry, 1953– veiled octopus.

Octopus validus Sasaki, 1920 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus tsugarensis Sasaki, 1920 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus tetricus Gould, 1852– gloomy octopus or common Sydney octopus.

Octopus tenebricus Smith, 1884.

Octopus tehuelchus d’Orbigny, 1834– Tehuelche or Patagonian octopus.

Octopus superciliosus frilled pygmy octopus.

Octopus stictochrus Voss, 1971.

Octopus spinosus Sasaki, 1920 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus selene Voss, 1971– moon octopus.

Octopus sasakii Taki, 1942 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus sanctaehelenae Robson, 1929.

Octopus salutii Vérany, 1836– spider octopus.

Octopus rubescens Berry, 1953– East Pacific red octopus.

Octopus pyrum Norman, Hochberg & C. C. Lu, 1997.

Octopus pumilus Norman & Sweeney, 1997.

Octopus pricei * Berry, 1913 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus prashadi Adam, 1939 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus pentherinus Rochebrune & Mabille, 1889 (nomen dubium).

Octopus penicillifer Berry, 1954.

Octopus parvus Sasaki, 1917– Japanese pygmy octopus.

Octopus pallidus Hoyle, 1885– pale octopus.

Octopus oshimai (Sasaki, 1929) (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus oliveri (Berry, 1914).

Octopus oculifer Hoyle, 1904– Galapagos reef octopus.

Octopus ochotensis (Sasaki, 1920) (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus occidentalis Steenstrup in Hoyle, 1885.

Octopus niveus Lesson, 1831 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus nanus Adam, 1973.

Octopus nanhaiensis Dong, 1976 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus mutilans Taki, 1942.

Octopus minor (Sasaki, 1920) (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus mimus Gould, 1852.

Octopus micros Norman, 2001.

Octopus micropyrsus Berry, 1953– California Lilliput octopus.

Octopus microphthalmus Goodrich, 1896.

Octopus mernoo O’Shea, 1999.

Octopus mercatoris Adam, 1937.

Octopus mariles Huffard, 2007 Octopus maya Voss & Solís, 1966– Mexican four-eyed octopus.

Octopus longispadiceus (Sasaki, 1917) (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus laqueus Kaneko & Kubodera, 2005.

Octopus kermedecensis Berry, 1914.

Octopus kaurna Stranks, 1990– southern sand octopus.

Octopus kaharoa O’Shea, 1999.

Octopus insularis Leite & Haimovici, 2008 6 Octopus joubini Robson, 1929 – Atlantic pygmy octopus or small-egg Caribbean pygmy octopus.

Octopus incella Kaneko & Kubodera, 2007.

Octopus humilis Huffard, 2007 Octopus hummelincki Adam, 1936– bumblebee two-spot octopus or Caribbean two-spot octopus Octopus huttoni Benham, 1943.

Octopus hubbsorum Berry, 1953– Hubb’s octopus.

Octopus hongkongensis Hoyle, 1885 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus hawaiiensis Eydoux & Souleyet, 1852.

Octopus hattai Sasaki, 1929.

Octopus gorgonus Huffard, 2007 Octopus harpedon Norman, 2001.

Octopus globosus Appellöf, 1886 (taxon inquirendum)– globe octopus.

Octopus gardineri Hoyle, 1905.

Octopus fujitai Sasaki, 1929 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus fitchi Berry, 1953– Fitch’s pygmy octopus.

Octopus filosus Howell, 1867.

Octopus filamentosus Blainville, 1826 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus diminutus Kaneko & Kubodera, 2008 3 Octopus favonius Gray, 1849.

Octopus cyanea Gray, 1849– big blue octopus or Cyane’s octopus,.

Octopus conispadiceus Sasaki, 1917– chestnut octopus.

Octopus chierchiae Jatta, 1889– Lesser Pacific Striped Octopus.

Octopus campbelli Smith, 1902.

Octopus californicus Berry, 1911– North Pacific bigeye octopus.

Octopus bulbus Norman, 2001.

Octopus briareus Robson, 1929– Caribbean reef octopus.

Octopus bocki Adam, 1941– Bock’s pygmy octopus.

Octopus bimaculoides Pickford & McConnaughey, 1949– California two-spot octopus.

Octopus bimaculatus Verrill, 1883– California two-spot octopus or Verrill’s two-spot octopus.

Octopus berrima Stanks & Norman, 1992– southern keeled octopus.

Octopus berenice Gray, 1849.

Octopus balboai Voss, 1971.

Octopus australis Hoyle, 1885– hammer octopus.

Octopus argus Krauss, 1848.

Octopus arborescens Hoyle, 1904 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus araneoides * Iw. Taki, 1964 (taxon inquirendum).

Octopus alecto Berry, 1953.

Octopus alatus (Sasaki, 1920) (taxon inquirendum).

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